rinne's carrd

this looks like shit on mobile but it's ok bc i'm hot

hi!! my name is rinne, welcome to my page.minor, he/him
i'm delusional btw

i often curse, if ur uncomfy w/ that just tell me
i may use slurs that i can reclaim, such as the f slur, etc, etc
i'm pretty into gore and dark topics alike so just. lmk if you don’t like that
i am delusional and often cannot tell reality from fiction and the like (such as, believing i am a fictional character), please keep that in mind. no reality checks unless i say it’s okay lolz
i’m a transmedicalist or truscum or whatever it’s called. also, i’m against neopronouns. i don’t really care if you use them because i can’t force you not to, but i refuse to use them for myself or anyone else. sorry.
just block me if you don't want to interact with me bc of any of these because i don’t feel like arguing with anyone

basic dni criteria, such as pedophiles, homophobes + transphobes, ableists, racists, yknow all that jazz. also, dream stans that are overly annoying about the dsmp and the like, if ur chill abt it ur fine but pls for the love of god don't shove it in my face. people that make being gay/trans their entire personality. stay the fuck away from me, please and thanks. "uwu soft baby" people. that's just gross. go away.